Runaway II boom photo

Runaway 2 at the Elks Newport Beach
Runaway II at home slip in Newport Beach

Runaway II Racing

Columbia 36, Newport Beach, California
Runaway is a Columbia 36 pleasure and racing sailboat owned by John and Pam Weibel

May and June
Angelman Series race 1: Course DCDsF (May 31) On this picture perfect ocean race day, 2 hours 18 minutes elapsed time on the course earned Runaway II a corrected time of 1:45:43 and a 2nd Place. It was a close reach up to Mark D, with the light winds picking up. After rounding C, Runaway was first to pop the spinnaker. A Spinnaker jibe around Mark D was followed by a downwind run at an average of 6+ knots to finish. Nice race Captain!
Hugh Angelman
Angelman Series 2 (6/14), and 3 (6/28)

"We'll race 'em for money, marbles or chalk" ~Hugh Angelman

Runaway 2 around oil island esther
Runaway II around oil island Esther in the Bogart Series

Bogart Series race 3: Santa Ana River Jetty to Oil Island Esther and back (April 12) With a delay in the start and the class sequence reversed, the earlier light winds were picking up and in an hour warranted a change down to the 125% jib - great call Captain! It was a spinnaker run all the way back, with a little help from the Tallboy staysail in between. Runaway II ran ahead of the competition and at 5:30 in the BYC bar, with a Runaway 1st Place secured and the wind dropped down next to nothing, the question was 'Did A class finish?'
... turns out A Class did finish and with the results in...Runaway ran away from the competition not only on this race but won the Bogart series for our class. Way to go John!

Bogart Series race 2 from Avalon to Newport Beach on Runaway II
Bogart Series race 2 from Avalon to Newport Beach March 9 2008

Bogart Series race 1 and 2 to Avalon and back (March 8 and 9) Despite the forecast promises, the wind did not cooperate and there were quite a few DNF's in day 1, including Runaway. But conditions were looking good on day 2 and Runaway ran away from the competition, first to raise the spinnaker, first to raise the staysail and all the others followed suit. Way to go Captain! First Place

Sunkist Series in Newport Beach Runaway II, John and Pam Weibel
Sunkist Series Jan 7 2007
Michael, Dan, Stephen, Jean-Francois, John Weibel
Rebecca, Pam Weibel

The Sunkist series (1st Sunday of the month from November 2006 through February 2007) started with a bang with what looked like a sure win for Runaway but the Obsession team carried away prize.

Bogart Race 2 2007 on Runaway II
Bogart race 2 2007 Avalon to Newport Beach

Bogart race 1 and 2 to Avalon and back (March 10 and 11) The first race was off to an auspicious start and with the navigation tactics of Jean-Francois, Runaway II sailed away with a win. Way to Go Team!