San Diego to Avalon

overnight in oceanside on the way to avalon

rhumb to san diego on the way back

10 Days in Sept 2013

How far is it? long does it take?

Oil change, check. Fuel filter change, check. Water level, check. Fuel topped off, check. Radio check...oops. Out of the slip on Labor Day and how about that radio check? No chatter on the old VHF and no feedback. What gives? A quick call to a buddy and he says we're loud and clear and sure enough after a few minutes we hear the normal chatter. That is, a few minutes after turning around prepared to buy a handheld VHF - Safety first! You can do automated radio checks at and keep your piece of mind.

2600 RPMs
2600 RPMs

A motoring we go...

Pea soup thick marine layer off of Point Loma, we haven't been able to see land since out of the harbor. And you sure can't see the kelp! Finally lifting around 1130 and by noon we had enough wind to sail a bit. This was an engine on and off day. At 1430 another wind change so back on with the diesel off of Encinitas and another 2 hours to pull into the Jolly Roger slip #6.

49 Via Lido
Sitting on #49 Via Lido - all week marine layer, but little wind - hey! this sounds like last year!

0900, a couple of hours motoring out of Oceanside, and we can see Catalina. The clear skies were a welcome change from yesterday morning, but not much wind and trying to sail, forget it - we have to come down too far so it's motoring again without the jib. The reward to the day was getting into Avalon at 1430 and being asked "Where do you want to be?" - "How about Sequestrian #48?". Sequestrian was on her mooring so we were next door on Via Lido #49 without a mooring change all week. Avalon bliss.

Bluewater Avalon

What's new in Avalon this year?

Armstrong's lease was up and the Catalina Island Company had just been waiting...well, really planning for years - so after lots of remodeling the Bluewater Avalon is in the Terminal building. Beautiful remodel for sure but sad to see the Armstrong's institution booted out.

Shelter at the top of the Hermit Gulch trail
Shelter at the top of the Hermit Gulch trail

A shade shelter at the top of the Hermit Gulch trail was a welcome addition, a rest after that hike is now in the shade!

Easy 8

Easy to spend 8 days in Avalon on the boat, especially when the weather is as terrific as it was this year. So good I had to go snorkeling in Lover's Cove.

dinghy lift
Universal Dinghy lift - $78 and worth it (C-Level Inc.)

0-Dark Thirty - leaving Catalina Island

Everything ready the night before for an early morning departure rhumb to San Diego. Off the mooring at 0600 and no wind all the way to San Diego. A nice push from the following sea and we were making 6.7-7 knots at our cruising 2600 RPM's.

10 hours later we were in the harbor and it was WINDY, the only wind we saw this day, so yep, we brought out that big 155% Genoa and zipped up the harbor to home. Turned out to be a BIG mistake - it was howling in our normal turning basin, got an overwrap on the furling line and had to drop the halyard to get the sail down. A quick pit stop to pump the head and in finally back in the slip at 6pm. Not doing THAT again!

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How far is it? How long did it take?
7.00 hours from Harbor Island to Oceanside - 41.7 nautical miles, 2+ hours sailing all the rest motoring at 2600 RPM's.
7.5 hours from Oceanside to Avalon - 47.2 nm, no sailing - motoring at 2600 RPMs.
12 hours from Avalon to Harbor Island - 75.2 nm, 2600 RPM's - 11 hours on the diesel.