Catalina 36 Equipment

Answering that all important question, what equipment is on a 1984 Catalina 36 sailboat?

The original Catalina 36's were introduced in 1982 and the MK II replaced it in 1995. The basic interior arrangement of the 36's is pretty much the same, the aft cabin of the MK II the biggest noticeable improvement. But this isn't about the refinements of the MK II over the original, it's about our 1984 "classic" Catalina 36, a great design with a spacious comfy cabin - specs say 8 berths, but we like to say "sleeps two"

The original Catalina 36 is sometimes called the MK I, just because the MK II replaced it I suppose. There were about 2200 built and although much is standard each one I've seen has been a little different. Then of course you have the owner's custom add-ons and improvements. Ours is all teak interior with the classic blue dot upholstery.

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